Our goal at Sage Land Group is to set new standards and levels of sophistication in the land brokerage industry.

We evaluate, identify and create value in every project. We believe that having a passion for what we do, is paramount. We believe that small and nimble is far superior to big and lumbering. We believe in creatively crafting a story that sells, a story based on real world facts and valuations. We believe in digging for value through land-use optimization. We believe a land broker can be something different, something more.

why sage land group?

We develop properties for sale.

We are a brokerage that thinks like a developer. Unlike other firms, we don't simply list and then market a property for sale. We study and evaluate the land's highest and best use as a developer would see it to maximize their ROI. We then put in the leg work to make the changes happen prior to sale. Thinking like a developer we can see how Land Use changes, zoning and code issues and development incentives can be used to have the property already primed for optimal development. This method of thinking has helped us create value for clients. We would love to talk to you about how these types of strategies might apply to your property.


Sage Land Group is a complementary collection of individuals working as one.

With diverse backgrounds including; law, development, brokerage, appraisals, marketing, graphic design and sales, we have a combined fifty years of experience. Our unique backgrounds have allowed us to develop an extensive and highly diverse professional network that includes some of the most senior and talented land development and marketing professionals in the state of Florida. We are nimble, lean, hungry and have a fresh perspective of the market and what a land brokerage should and can be.





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